Alexander Rothaug (1870-1946) was an Austrian painter and illustrator. He received his first painting lessons from his father.
In 1884 he began an apprenticeship as a sculptor with Johann Schindler. Between 1885 and 1892 Rothaug studied at the Vienna Academy under Franz Rumpler, Christian Griepenkerl, and the Orientalist painter Leopold Carl Müller, under whom he studied until Müller’s death in 1892. He was awarded the Lampi Prize in 1888 and the Golden Füger Medal in 1889. With Müller he studied in the special school for history painting, and received the 1890 Special School Award.

In 1892 Rothaug moved to Munich, attending the Academy there. In 1900, he started to exhibit, and was also employed for several years as an illustrator for the humorous German Journal Fliegende Blätter.
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