Alfred Pleazeau (1875 – 1918) was a French painter. Thanks to a grant from the Poitiers city council, he entered the École des beaux-arts in Paris in 1897, where he was a pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme.

He painted genre scenes like markets and peasants of the Poitevin region. He was also a history painter and portrait painter and performs religious works. He exhibited at the Salon of French artists in 1900 and became a member in 1904. He died in 1918, at age 43.
There are a view artworks related to bondage that made me decide to share this artist here. Like the stunning painting La femme captive, date of creation unknown. The same captive female appears in his artwork ‘Allegory of Poland, represented by a naked woman in chains, attacked by eagles’ created in 0908.

The other two artworks (a more detailed fragment from the full scene and the full scene) are from the same theme. They show a crucified, naked woman that symbolizes the enslaved Poland, torn apart by the three eagles of the partitioning powers (Russia, Austria and Prussia had black eagles on their coats of arms).
A postcard circulated in 1907 in the territory of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.