Mythology, and more specific the way artists expressed the mythic story, reveals a lot about how art evolved in a certain direction. I have been blogging about myths before, my purpose for sharing these myths is to show how in ancient times eroticsm was used to keep stories and history alive. When I search for art I see different flows chosen by artist. Some choose to depict the actual event, others make it more dramatic (more pain, more gore details) and there are those who add erotic elements. It makes me curious, why did these artists make these choices? Was it because the story was arousing, was it becaue they wanted to make the story arousing? What was the use to paint a female partially (or full) nude where other artists did not make this choice?

Every mythologic story that is painted and sketched by various artists reveals something, of course because this blog is about bondage I search for the artworks where the bondage has a strong presence. This brings me to the story of Pero and Cimon, in short:

When the aged Cimon was forced to starve in prison before his execution, his devoted daughter Pero secretly visited her father to nourish him at her own breast. In his Memorable Acts and Sayings of the Ancient Romans, the ancient Roman historian Valerius Maximus presented Pero’s selfless devotion as the highest example of honoring one’s parent.

There are many artworks to be found about this story. Enjoy this collection that focus on Cimon being bound and helpless (and less on the selfless act of his daughter). As far as I was able to trace it the info about the artist is provided.