Evelyn De Morgan (1855 – 1919) was an English painter associated early in her career with the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement.
Her paintings are figural, foregrounding the female body through the use of spiritual, mythological, and allegorical themes. They rely on a range of metaphors (such as light and darkness, transformation, and bondage) to express what several scholars have identified as spiritualist and feminist content.

She was educated at home; according to her sister and biographer, Anna Wilhelmina Stirling, their mother insisted that “from the first Evelyn was to profit from the same instruction as her brother.”
She studied Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian, as well as classical literature and mythology, and was also exposed at a young age to history books and scientific texts. There is a truly beautiful site and archive to explore and learn more about the life and art of Evelyn.

I went on a quest to find bondage related artworks, so far I had only found Luna (for which I had created a seperate blog which will know be removed).