Dime Mystery Magazines was an American pulp magazine published by Popular Publications between 1932 and 1950. It was intitally entitled Dime Mystery Book Magazine until mid-1933 and was again re-titled as 15 Mystery Stories in 1950. Inspired by Grand Guignol French theatre and Gothic melodrama, the weird menace genre was a combination of mystery and terror. For more info I recommend visiting pulp mags where you can find a lot of info about the start and background of this magazine.

A Dime novel is a form of late 19th-century and early 20th-century U.S. popular fiction issued in series of inexpensive paperbound editions. The term dime novel has been used as a catchall term for several different but related forms, referring to story papers, five- and ten-cent weeklies, “thick book” reprints, and sometimes early pulp magazines. The term was used as a title as late as 1940, in the short-lived pulp magazine Western Dime Novels. In the modern age, the term dime novel has been used to refer to quickly written, lurid potboilers, usually as a pejorative to describe a sensationalized but superficial literary work. (Source Wikipedia)

Of course my interest goes out to the cover art, I once did a short blog about bdsm related covers, there are no specific bondage art covers but then again there is a lot of bondage to be found in these covers 🙂 reason enough to add some here.