The sexual revolution is reason enough for Jan to be part of this world – he is born in the Southwest of Germany.

Before he finds his feet he starts drawing. The beauty of light, landscape and people, particularly the female, has a big impact to his life, but soon he must recognize that there is not just beauty in the world. Although his childhood isn´t bad, the own parents are showing an imbalance of power, exculpating the paternalistic dominance by religious reasons.
Jan realizes that his mother is the truly strong person – not his father who believes in power by function. Equal rights are essential for Jan, with the exception of sexual games, including consensual in its meaning. Jan is interested in visiting museums and the art of the old – and later modern – masters, is studying their way of painting and finds the theme of powerlessness in those paintings again and again (e. g. Rubens – The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus). By playing cowboys and Indians as a child he learns to captivate (and being captivated) and is awed by the reactions, emotions and feelings. All those aspects (and many more) have some influence on his evolving sexuality.

Jan starts painting in secret captured girls from imagination, imagining that the girls would be aroused by their situation – and hoping that no one would find the pictures. As a teenager Jan is intrigued by the paintings of Boris Vallejo, Hajime Sorayama and Frank Frazetta. Grown up he starts a business as traditionally self-taught freelance artist. BDSM has become an integral but inofficial part of his life. Jan recognizes late that digital technique is going to conquering the world. With a lot of learning and effort he dicovers the endless opportunities of digital painting, photography and 3D and is now working mainly digitally. You find some of his BDSM-related images on his portfolio at Deviant Art.